UID Cards detect 45,000 duplicate connections & save Subsidy

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Nearly 45,000 LPG consumers have been detected having two gas connections or illegal connection through the Aadhar UID cards in 19 districts so far. The oil companies is going to block one gas connection of each such consumer, says a Petroleum ministry official.

This will help save Rs 23 crore in annual subsidy, he said.

The consumers having two LPG connections were detected during a scrutiny of 50 lakh consumers in 19 districts during Phase -1 implementation of Aadhar card linked subsidy, the official claimed.

These consumers had two LPG connections under different names and addresses from different companies but had one Aadhaar number.

Petroleum Minister M Veerappa Moily said Wednesday that Aadhar card will no longer be made mandatory for giving LPG subsidies unless cleared by Supreme Court.

The ministry is implementing the scheme for transfer of LPG subsidy in cash to bank accounts of actual consumers in 97 districts of the country with a view to eliminating diversions and plug leakages.

“Aadhaar is only an identification card. We will not make it mandatory unless Supreme Court gives a clearance,” Moily told reporters here.

The Supreme Court in an interim order had said that the Aadhaar number cannot be not made mandatory for people to avail any government services and nobody should be deprived of any such facilities for the want of the card.

The direct cash transfer for LPG started on June 1 in 19 districts.

The government gave three-month grace period to enable consumers to get Aadhaar card and seed it in their bank accounts. After the expiry of this period, cash subsidy is being provided only to consumers who have Aadhaar cards.

UID Card is acceptable for Passport.

UID Card is acceptable for passport application.

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My UID Card Suggestions…

These technical issues are really hurdle to reach at common men and achieve targets. Delhi govt. has to deploy extra forces in East Delhi especially min. two enrollment center in one ward than we can achieve the targets.

Written by:- Jeevan Pant

Why MY UID Card is here?
We are here to deliver our views to govt. of India on UID Card/ Aadhar Card and request them that how can they improve functions of UID Card/ Aadhaar Card? We are in support of UID Card with our suggestion. We consider that UID Card/ Aadhaar Card can bring the revolutionary changes in the system and provide maximum benefits to actual beneficiary. We can use it as multi utility cards and it can stop fraud in system and keep all the data in single ID.

We are aware and know our govt. policies and recommends not to use UID Card data as proof or reference in legal  proceeding. The law of UID Card data should be sensitive and harder. If anyone will found  guilty in that case the minimum punishment should be 14 years for buyer, seller or every one which is concern to it.

We all are aware that every govt. knows that the corruption is major issue in India and 85 paisa in one rupee distribute in politicians and govt officials as bribe. Because of hierarchy  of administration. NDA and UPA both  political  alliance shown intention to reduce the corruption in India. But it is India’s and our unfortunately that both alliance are fighting to get no. 1  position to get bribe. Every alliance are deeply involve to spread  corruption, that the reason our govt/politicians  are not taking it seriously and always try to get down “Andolans” & “Dharna” all protest. Only because of corruption opposition & ruling running govt.  simultaneously.

We are working hard and updating daily myuidcard.com so that we can  create  awareness and suggest to system to create policy and let it free to work. We need your suggestion to improve  thoughts & can deliver better to nation.

If you have any suggestion and any query please send it on info(at)uidaicards.com. Our team will response you accordingly.

What are our suggestions for UID Card?

  • Make it multi utility card and advice to use it as debit/Credit card.
  • No need to fill account opening form in banks for new account, just swap customers & guarantor’s  aadhaar card to open  new account. It will really saves time, money & greenery of nation.
  • Consider UID Card as PAN card, because there is a possibility of duplicity in PAN card but with UID Card it is impossible and it really gives a big relief for new tax payers.
  • USE UID Card as driving license and after cancellation there will be no possibility to make it again from any authority across India.
  • The biggest advantages of UID card is to use it in election and it really saves millions money of Election Commission and provide free and fair election, every youngster who will have 18th years on election day will be eligible to cast his/her vote.
  • USE UID Card in each and every purchase of Land, without UID card no one can purchase or sale property.
  • Transition mare than 10000/- will be accepted through Debit Card/Cheque/ Credit Card or Cash with UID card ™s photocopy.
    Board/Schools/University will update information of students in his/her UID Cards so that Universities process can be fast and no one can do forgery, students can get admission easily and submit information online without any document & hesitation.
  • If UID Card authority wants they can make a medical database or health profile of UID Card holders so that it will saves life of his/her or his/her next generation because user ™s medical profile will help to Dr. to understand and get precaution on genetic transferable deices and provide a Unique facility to hospitals to inform victims family, without any trouble.
  • UID card can bring 360 degree changes in PDS system and provide subsidy to actual beneficiary. This system will really help to bring social balance in India and control on corruption and I am sure that govt. of India will save millions on money to our suggestion and it really bring the speed in process and system.
  • The UID Card should be enable with  magnetic  tape and  smart-chip  to use it in all major citizens & govt. schemes.
  • Provide PDS subsidy via UID card but after purchase of goods.

Suggestion by:- Jeevan Pant

MYUIDCARD’s suggestions to make Delhi Secure & Responsible

Finally center govt. has decided to provide subsidy in cash. It is really a good initiative but it worthless without PDS & fertilizers. The main drawback of UID Card based cash subsidy scheme is to provide cash on monthly basis. It is really equal to provide bribe to give them vote as Mr. Kesriwal said. I will compare it to provide death certificate to before death. It will not control which is our vision, it increase permanent corruption in system like monthly.

There are lots of challenges to implement UID card linked cash subsidy and govt. has not focused on that and launched it as it is because of Gujarat election. It has launched to get political mileage in Gujarat.

If the govt. is really serious to provide UID Card linked cash subsidy to actual beneficiary. They should understand the Alwar model first. It has become baseless there and failed because of poor ground work, unclear vision and corrupt govt. machinery. As the result actual beneficiaries have not gotten cash last four months.

Myuidcard.com is supporting cash subsidy because it will really stop the leakage in system but PDS & Fertilizer subsidy should be linked with different model. Govt. has to associate with local vendors to provide grain in control price and every beneficiary will get instant cash once he/she will purchase the subsidies products. It really save money of govt. and ensure that the beneficiary is getting benefits.

Written by :-  Jeevan Pant


myuidcard.com is suggesting since begging to link UID card with govt. schemes and provide direct cash  subsidy  to beneficial. We welcome govt’s policy and support it. It is a binning and we are too far to our targets. We can add much more services & other govt program with UID Card to control corruption and identify the right beneficial.


The Union Ho­me Ministry is looking at a proposal for making the voter ID card double up as Aadhaar document.

The proposal, from the Election Commission of India and the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), will ensure that Aadhaar does not duplicate the data that is collected and used by the Election Commission.

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Dr S Y Quraishi on Sunday said: With the UID project already completing the biometric process under its umbrella, by scanning fingerprints and retina scan, we have approached the Centre to merge the Election ID cards with UID. 

If the MHA approves the proposal, voter ID cards may soon have UID unique numbers embossed on them.

 We will have the unique identification numbers provided by the UID printed on the election IDs,  Quraishi said. The single ID would enable the holder to prove his elector credentials and also access the benefits of government services under Aadhaar.

The CEC stated that the UID project, when started, had proposed to print the identification numbers on all Government documentations.  But now, as I believe, they have started to issue the UID cards, he said.

Earlier, the CEC said Project Director for UID Nandan Nilekani had approached the EC for accessing their data base and voters list for preparing the UID database with over 750 million people registered with the EC, we have the largest data base to help the UID project, he said. The UIDAI is already in the process of integrating the Permanent Account Number (PAN)and UID details.

As in the case of the voter ID and Aadhaar, the Finance Ministry, too, was of the view that both the agencies, UIDAI and Income-Tax, would be duplicating the effort to reach the common goal of a biometrics-based identity.

Further, as Finance Minister, P Chidambaram had proposed a biometric PAN card to weed out fraudulent cards in circulation across the country.

But with Aadhaar, the decision was made by the Centre to merge the PANdetails with the UID.

UID Card for NRI

It really good news for our NRI brothers and sisters that finally govt. has announced to provide UID cards to all NRI.

We are also suggesting to govt. every person in India should have an UID card to identify. UID card will really useful to identify and track the person. Please read our old articles for more details.

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What is UID Card? (Jobs in UID Card)

UID Card is a 12-digit unique number which the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will issue for all residents in India. UID Card will be stored in a centralized database and linked to the basic demographics and biometric information  “ photograph, ten fingerprints, iris and with some optional financial information of each individual. It is easily verifiable in an online, cost-effective way. So also, it is unique and robust enough to eliminate the large number of duplicate and fake identities in government and private databases the random number generated will be devoid of any classification based on caste, creed, religion and geography.

What is myuidcard.com?

My UID Card Dot Com is a group of young professionals and Mr. Jeevan Pant is heading them. Myuidcard.com or uidaicards.com is running July 2009. Because  we know that the incomplete is always hazardous for  Indan economy   and if govt. is making a card only for identification than what will the future of other cards?


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